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As designers, we have the responsibility to create something unique for each of our clients. We need to make each design stand out and accurately represent the information being communicated. So how do we constantly come up with fresh ideas? Sometimes we’ll have an idea as soon as a project is handed to us, other times we need a little inspiration! We’ve put together a list of the best places to find inspiration. While we have a few favorites, we also never limit ourselves. Inspiration can be found where you least expect it!


The first place we always turn to for inspiration is Pinterest. As a platform designed for inspiration, it’s become an amazing tool for recipe ideas, event planning, and so much more. Pinterest makes it easy for us to look up print design, color palettes, type layouts, and even product photography.

Social Media

We use social media to stay in-the-know and communicate just like everyone else. But we are also always on the lookout for inspiration! We love to use our free time to follow our favorite artists and get a taste of what other designers are doing. Instagram is a great source of visual inspiration and helps us stay on top of design trends. Even scrolling TikTok has helped give us new ideas and learn new tricks!

Talk it Out

Whenever we’re out of ideas, talking it out always helps bring a new perspective to our projects. Our different experiences and outlooks can help give a little inspiration when we’re struggling. This is one reason we really love all sitting together in an open concept office each day! It makes it easy to bounce ideas around and keep our creative juices flowing.

Everyday Life Our favorite source of inspiration might not seem special, but it’s the most important one of all! Gaining inspiration from our everyday lives heavily influences our design work. We’re always taking in information that can spark inspiration – a visit to a new coffee shop, seeing the latest movie, or even going through junk mail. You never know what you’re going to find!

We hope you feel inspired to begin taking in all the creativity you see around you. Whether you are intentionally looking for inspiration or happen to stumble upon it, be on the lookout for something new to incorporate into your next project!


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