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1. Why did you choose a career in graphic design?

Lindsey - Growing up, I always had a love for art. I knew I wanted to do something with my life that would let me be creative every day – and I found just that! My role has definitely evolved over the past 15 years, with my day-to-day consistently changing. Ultimately, I just love getting the opportunity to work with clients on projects that can change their lives for the better.

Chelsea - I always knew that I wanted to do something creative. When I was in high school, I took art and engineering drawing in the same year. There was something about the freedom of art but the organization of engineering drawing that I loved. I feel like graphic design is the perfect balance between being creative and setting rules to follow.

Lane - Art was my favorite subject in high school, but I wasn’t great at first. I didn’t think I was creative enough to pursue a career in the art field, but my art teacher, Mrs. Seymour, really encouraged me to try it. I decided to major in graphic design, and immediately fell in love with it!

Kate - I have always loved art of all different mediums, and I wanted to choose a career path that allowed me to use my creativity to make things for people. I decided graphic design could be the perfect fit for me, so I went to a career tech school to study it during my Junior and Senior year of high school. I loved it so much that I continued my education through college and graduated with a BA in visual communication design.

2. What do you love about your job?

Lindsey - In the world of graphic design, no two days look the same. We get to learn so much about each one of our clients – personally and professionally. So many different industries, personalities, brands, styles.

Chelsea - My favorite thing about my job is solving problems for clients. Being able to use the knowledge and skill I have, to make their jobs easier is so fulfilling. I think people have a perception that graphic design is just to make things pretty, but day in and day out we are solving problems and making people happy.

Lane - I love that I get to try new things. I never imagined that I would also be a professional photographer and diving into videography too. I absolutely love that I am constantly learning and growing in so many areas. I also love the seeing how our designs can have an impact - helping small businesses grow and raising awareness for non-profits.

Kate - I love being able to make a client’s vision come to life. I enjoy taking ideas and turning them into something beautiful that surpass the client’s expectations. I also love being able to work with other creatives in the family-like environment that we have at the office.

3. What’s something small that makes your workday better?

Lindsey - There are several contributing factors to a great workday! First, getting into the office early to get a good start on the day. Second, a coffee from Sweetie Pies always gets me on the right track and puts me in a good mood. Third, knowing that I get to work with one of my favorite clients / projects that day!

Chelsea - Going to get coffee with my coworkers. Not only is coffee my favorite things, I love walking down the Sweetie Pie’s and visiting with the owners there. We meet a lot of new people there and build connections in our community as well. It gives us all a few minutes of time to get out of the office and just be together as friends.

Lane - I’m a firm believer that an afternoon trip to Stoner’s Ice Cream Parlor can fix any problem.

Kate - It always makes the day better when I start a project with a clear vision of how I want it to look, and it works out how I planned as I build out the piece. It helps when the project is a fun one – the creativity seems to come more easily in those instances. On a less work-related note – I love it when we take a group trip across the street to the thrift shop and find some great items.

4. What show/movie have you watched recently?

Lindsey - Recently I’ve watched – In the Shadow of the Moon, School Spirits, and Suits.

Chelsea - I just watched a Korean Netflix show called Siren: Survive the Island. I am completely obsessed now and will talk to anyone about it. I think it is one of the best reality tv shows I have ever seen (although I don’t watch much reality TV) and I am still holding out hope for a second season!

Lane - I recently saw The Iron Claw in theaters, and have been watching the new Percy Jackson series, The Brothers Sun, and A Shop for Killers.

Kate - Recently my Husband and I have discovered TV series on Disney+ that we loved watching when we were younger. We just rewatched all the Home Improvement episodes and moved on to Boy Meets World.

5. Who has been your favorite band/musician recently?

Lindsey - I couldn’t possibly narrow this down to just one! I’ve been listening to so many amazing bands recently – Noah Kahan, Zach Bryan, The Lumineers, Manchester Orchestra, Michigander, Bon Iver, and the list goes on... As a graphic designer, solid tunes are key to a good workflow and mood.

Chelsea - Noah Kahan. This obsession spanned pretty much all of 2023, but really intensified in the fall. I just love listing to his music and dissecting the lyrics. Each song is like a story, and I just think he is fantastic! Another recent obsession is EDM Sea Shanties - which is a very niche genre but one I think almost anyone would find fun.

Lane - JVKE, Post Malone, Asiris, and the new office favorite – Noah Kahan.

Kate - I don’t listen to a lot of music, or any certain band in particular – but I like to put on instrumentals or low-fi beats while working around the house. These genres are calming to me, make great background music, and help me focus. My husband and I also enjoy playing 2000s party hits in the car when we want a little mood booster because they’re fun to sing along to and remind us of our childhood.

6. What’s something a lot of people might not know about you?

Lindsey - I have two beautiful kiddos – Beckett (7) and Mayzie (1) – that occupy most of my time outside of the office. They are the absolute light of my life. Beckett (Wreck-It Beckett) is such an outgoing, funny, athletic kid, with the most amazing dance moves I’ve ever seen. Mayzie (Mayzie Moo) is such a sweet little girl with such a big personality.

Chelsea - I love to read. If I am at home, you will likely find me with a book in my hands (or my Kindle). I love a murder mystery but have found my new niche in Horror books this year. This year I started a local book club with my friend Ashley and we are excited to connect more people through the love of reading and sharing stories.

Lane - I got my first camera as a freshman in college so I could document a trip to China. The photos turned out terrible, but I fell in love with seeing the world through a different perspective. 8 years later, I’m now a professional photographer! Travel photography is still my all-time favorite thing to do – recent favorites being Alaska and South Korea. My next goal is diving into the world of film photography!

Kate - I not only love visual arts, but I enjoy performing arts as well. Whether it’s watching a play, a dance recital, or a musical performance, I like to experience the talent that others have. I have also enjoyed performing myself. I had so much fun participating in color guard in high school and dance in college. Dance has always been my favorite of the performing arts. It’s such an invigorating feeling being onstage on the big night and knowing that all the practice has paid off as the crowd cheers!

7. What would your dream retirement life look like?

Lindsey - A sunny 85 degree day out on the beach in Florida with a cocktail in my hand!

Chelsea - It would be quiet and somewhere cozy. I want to have a big garden and lots of senior dogs running around. I want to be happy, healthy, old, and enjoy the small joys life has to offer - like watching the steam rise off a cup of coffee on my covered porch after a heavy rain in the spring.

Lane - I don’t really believe in retiring to a comfortable life. I want to be doing things for as long as I can – serving in my church, taking photos, and traveling!

Kate - My dream retirement life wouldn’t have to be anything glamorous. I just dream to have the time to do more of the things I love. With my extra time I would start more art projects, spend more time with family, and make homemade foods and desserts. I would also like to explore different states and gain travel experience.


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