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1. Where did you grow up/go to school?

Lindsey McGlone - I grew up in Huntsville & Lakeview and went to Indian Lake High School. I then continued on at Bowling Green State University, getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Chelsea Bray - I grew up in Huntsville and went to Indian Lake High School. After high school I attended college at The University of Dayton and graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design. Lane Yoder - I grew up in West Liberty and went to West Liberty-Salem. I then went to Cedarville University where I studied Visual Communication Design. I moved back to the area when I was offered a job with Elle A. Design.

Kate Ferguson - I grew up in Springfield, Ohio where I went to Shawnee High School for my Freshman and Sophomore years. For my Junior and Senior years, I attended Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center studying graphic art. After that, I went on to Cedarville University to continue my studies in Visual Communication Design.

2. Do you have any pets?

LM - I have one puppy - Judah, an extremely spoiled three year old Bernese Mountain dog. I also have two cats - Tito and Sprite.

CB - We have a dog, Leo, who is about 9 years old and has been part of our family for just over 4 years. In 2020 we added our cat, Moira to the mix when she was just a kitten. Most recently we took in Milo, an 8 year old cat that we have known since he was a kitten and needed a new home.

LY - I have a bunny named Bucky. I've had him for almost 8 years now!

KF - Pets aren't permitted where I live, but I do have three young plants! Raisin, my tiny succulent; Sequoia, my polka-dot plant; and Coco, my seedling champagne poppies.

3. What inspires you?

LM - Visiting new places/traveling always inspires me. I feel like stepping out of my typical day to day always gives me new perspective and new ideas and inspiration. 

CB - I draw inspiration from a lot of places but people inspire me the most. I think just hearing someones story and what they see their business being is what makes my wheels turn the most. Meeting with a client I often have a clear idea of what I want to do for them before they even leave.

LY - I think I get most inspired by observing the world around me. I love traveling to see God's creation, learning about other cultures, and going to art museums. I think seeing anything from a beautiful sunset to a simple t-shirt design can inspire me in different ways.

KF - Looking through different patterns, color palettes, and typefaces that are trendy. Fabrics and decorations can also be good sources of current design trend inspiration.

4. Who is your favorite band/musician?

LM - Taking Back Sunday is absolutely my old school all-time favorite band, but Judah and the Lion is my current fave.

CB - I will always say Guster is my favorite band and they have been since I was 16. I recently saw them in concert for the third time! They hold a special place in my heart but I love music so much that these days I just take it one favorite song at a time. I have been really into the song "Pink Pony Club" by Chappell Roan and "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young this month.

LY - Recently my favorite artists have been Mehro, Stray Kids, and Keshi.

KF - Either One Republic or Imagine Dragons.

5. What is your favorite hobby?

LM - One of my favorite past times is working in my garden. It's very therapeutic for me and everyone in our family loves our strawberries and raspberries! 

CB - Right now it is gardening. I have been out taking care of my plant everyday and have planted two terrariums. I love getting into new hobbies and working with my hands. In the past year I have done everything from needle punching rugs to woodworking and I love it! I also really love to read. I just go in cycles on what my favorite hobby is depending on my mood and the season.

LY - Traveling and photography. Even though photography is part of my job, I love changing it up a bit and taking photos when I travel or trying fun concepts with my friends. It's always fun to combine it with travel - I love going on trips whether it's to a big city or remote mountains, and capturing these moments with photography is so much fun.

KF - Recently it's been bike riding on nice evenings. I also enjoy hand making cards for family and friends on special occasions.

6. What show(s) are you currently watching?

LM - I just finished the latest season of Stranger Things... currently loving Queen of the South and The Terminal List.

CB - My husband and I just watched all three seasons of The Umbrella Academy and we are currently watching the second season of Only Murders in the Building.

LY - I'm watching Stranger Things, All of Us Are Dead, and marathoning Jane the Virgin with my friends.

KF - My fiancé and I end every night by watching an episode of Bull, a legal drama about a trial analysis corporation.

7. What is your go to coffee order?

LM - My go-to is typically an iced vanilla latte. If I'm at my favorite coffee shop (Sweetie Pies in West Liberty) I always get the "Andy Stidham."

CB - Plain Latte. Iced or hot depending on my mood.

LY - Anything with caramel - usually a Cafe au Lait with Salted Caramel or Caramel Latte.

KF - Any type of Frappe, frozen coffee, or iced Capp (preferably vanilla with no whipped cream). Mochas are my second go-to!

8. How do you work through creative blocks?

LM - If I'm working on something and I've completely hit a wall, I typically set that project aside for a moment, move on and come back to it with fresh eyes. Also, asking for feedback from other creatives is great - everyone typically views projects in different perspectives, so looking at it through someone else's lenses is a great way to help move forward.

CB - Put the project away and work on something else. Sometimes the inspiration I need for a project comes in the middle of the night or while I am driving. Usually stepping away and giving myself a break will lead to the solution.

LY - If I have a creative block that usually means I need a new perspective - whether that's stepping away for a while or asking someone else for their input.

KF - I like to take a walk to clear my mind and make room for any new ideas. I'll also scroll though Pinterest to try and spark some ideas.

9. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?

LM - My husband and I put on a small music festival - Tree Tunnel Fest - every year in July. We're spending a week with our Colorado family in July. Also, we'll be welcoming our baby girl in November 🙂

CB - I am going on vacation with my family in August to Panama City Beach, Florida. It will be my first time seeing the ocean!

LY - I'm looking forward to Fall!

KF - Getting married at the end of September!

10. What is your favorite type of design work to do?

LM - I love working with brand new small businesses on their initial branding. Helping them create their brand voice/personality, logo design, color palate, etc.

CB - I like to solve problems. I like to tackle the jobs that seem like there isn't a clear solution - and find it. I think a lot of what we do is solve problems for our clients just in really creative ways!

LY - Recently I've been able to do a lot more photo and video work which I really enjoy. I also love layout design and working with type.

KF - Illustration design is always fun, and I love incorporating it into logos, invitations, and t-shirts.


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