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1. Where did you grow up/go to school?

Lindsey McGlone - I grew up in Huntsville & Lakeview and went to Indian Lake High School. I then continued on at Bowling Green State University, getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Chelsea Bray - I lived in Huntsville and went to Indian Lake High School. I then went on to study Graphic Design at the University of Dayton. Lane Yoder - I grew up in West Liberty and went to West Liberty-Salem through High School. I then went to Cedarville University and majored in Visual Communication Design.

2. Do you have any pets?

LM - I have one puppy - Judah, an extremely spoiled one year old Bernese Mountain dog. I also have two cats - Tito and Sprite.

CB - I have one dog, Leo! He is half beagle half dachshund and is 100% stubborn.

LY - I have a bunny named Bucky. He loves running around and chilling on top of the warm vent.

3. What inspires you?

LM - Visiting new places/traveling always inspires me. I feel like stepping out of my typical day to day always gives me new perspective and new ideas and inspiration. 

CB - I love pulling inspiration from interior design trends and fashion. I think once you have design in your mind you can see it in a lot of places and pull colors, textures and trends from a lot of unique places.

LY - Traveling and learning about new cultures always inspires me to think differently. I love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, watching foreign films, and looking at typography in other languages. Looking outside of what I know inspires me to create in new ways.

4. Who is your favorite band/musician?

LM - Taking Back Sunday is absolutely my old school all-time favorite band, but Judah and the Lion is my current fave.

CB - Guster! They have been my favorite since high school and hearing their musics always puts a smile on my face.

LY - Recently my favorite artists have been Alec Benjamin and Billie Eilish.

5. What is your favorite hobby?

LM - One of my favorite past times is working in my garden. It's very therapeutic for me and everyone in our family loves our strawberries and raspberries! 

CB - I love making things. Anything! I have recently gotten into wood work but I also love to craft and garden. As long as I am using my hands I am happy!

LY - One of my favorite hobbies is photography. I love seeing things from different perspectives and capturing details that many people might miss.

6. What is your go to coffee order?

LM - My go-to is typically an iced vanilla latte. If I'm at my favorite coffee shop (Sweetie Pies in West Liberty) I always get the "Andy Stidham."

CB - Plain Latte. Iced or hot depending on my mood.

LY - I usually go for a caramel macchiato or dirty chai.

7. How do you work through creative blocks?

LM - If I'm working on something an I've completely hit a wall, I typically set that project aside for a moment, move on and come back to it with fresh eyes. Also, asking for feedback from other creatives is great - everyone typically views projects in different perspectives, so looking at it through someone else's lenses is a great way to help move forward.

CB - I just keep working. Sometimes I like to open a new document and start the project from the beginning again to refocus. Some times I work on a different project and you can come back with fresh eyes.

LY - The best way I work through creative blocks is to ask others for their input. My coworkers are always ready to give me feedback and think in new ways. In college I even asked for a lot of input from non-designers, every idea can help spark creativity.

8. What are you looking forward to in the next 30 days?

LM - As you are reading this, I am currently in Nashville, TN - which I've definitely been looking forward to! In July we are having a little music festival "Tree Tunnel Fest" at our property with live music - which I am very excited about!

CB - My 30th birthday!

LY - I’m looking forward to spending time with some of my high school friends who are home for the time being. We’re going boating, playing soccer again, and making different themed dinners every week.


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