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You’ve heard us say it – photography can make or break a design. We want our clients to have the best design possible, so why not take photos ourselves? We’ve loved diving into the world of photography. We never imagined the variety of photos we’d be taking - BBQ sandwiches, dental hygienists, and even cows!

What types of photography do we specialize in? There are dozens of specific types, and each has its own challenges. A wedding photographer might not fully understand product photography, sports photography comes with technical challenges while family photography captures emotions. Although we’re up to try anything, we focus on three major categories – portrait, product, and in our free time – travel.



Portrait photography includes a wide range of styles, from professional headshots to emotional senior pictures.

Headshots are a great way to express your personality. Are you a professional business or do you have a casual side-hustle? How do you want your clients to see you? Tell them with a headshot!

Lifestyle shots show off your personality in a natural way. These often feature candid shots that portray your everyday life, or even display your product or service.


Product photography is a great way to not only showcase what you offer, but also establish a brand personality. If you want your product to come across as quality, you must have quality photos.

Individual product photos perfectly showcase your product. They can range from having a simple white background to a textured background with props.

While flat lays can also be considered an individual product photo, these are a specific style of photo taken from above. As designers, we love to use flat lays in our designs.

If you own a restaurant, you’ll want to have quality photos of all your best selling menu items. We help make your food look both natural and delicious, capturing anything from a simple burger to dressing being drizzled onto a salad.


While you might not be interested in sending us on a trip abroad, we love shooting all sorts of photos on our travels. Travel photography includes anything from wildlife to street photography, capturing beauty and stories from all over the world.

Landscape photography often features wide angle shots. We love taking time to capture the landscapes in front of us, whether it’s a desert night or a snowy mountain.

Street photography uniquely captures daily life in a way that often tells a story. Whether you’re visiting the county fair down the road or the streets of Beijing, street photography captures unique moments in time from all different cultures.

Wildlife photography can take a lot of patience, you never know what your subject might do. After snapping dozens of photos of one animal, the outcome of finding one amazing picture is so rewarding.


You’ve probably heard that a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. It is essential to understand exposure, composition, balance, editing… the list goes on and on. Once you understand the basics of photography, learning new styles can be challenging, but the outcome is worth it. We’ve absolutely loved being able to use our own photos in our designs. Try seeing the world through a lens, it might show you a new perspective you’ve never seen before!


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