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Do you think you might need a graphic designer for your next project? Are you unsure of what graphic designers can actually do for you and your business? Or maybe you already have branding in place but want to take it to the next level with additional collateral?

We’re here for you every step of the way! We’re here to dream with you, learn from you, and also to educate you on how we can help you crush your goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project may be, Elle A. Design is here and ready to be your go-to team.

We are a woman-owned business located in the heart of West Liberty, Ohio. A small team of three that encompass so much diverse experience in the world of graphic design and marketing. We are creators, dreamers, and lovers of all things creative. Design is our passion. We are here to help walk with you through your ideas and aspirations.

If you’ve ever wondered what a graphic designer does and how we can help you in your marketing journey… we’ve created a list of 15 ways we could potentially work together.

  1. Logo Design/Branding

  2. Copy Writing

  3. Photography/Photo Editing

  4. Animation/Small Videos/Illustration

  5. Stationery

  6. Apparel/Merchandise

  7. Signage

  8. Social Media Design

  9. Direct Mail/Postcards

  10. Website Design

  11. Packaging

  12. Ads/Coupons

  13. Flyers/Posters/Banners

  14. Catalog Design/Guides

  15. Window Graphics


Do you have something in mind that isn't on our list? Reach out and let's chat about it! Are you still up in the air about a potential project? Let's sit down and make a plan!

We look forward to potentially having the opportunity to work with you!


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